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Model and Simulation in Concert


Model and Simulation in Concert


Model-Based Design, Development, Simulation, Validation, & Verification

CertSAFE is a powerful tool for Model-Based Design, Development, Simulation, Validation & Verification of embedded systems and software.

Core Features

CertSAFE gives Systems and Software Engineering teams the ability to work interactively and collaboratively to reduce overall development cost and time to market.

Interactive Debugging

CertSAFE provides simulation vectors and probe points to see every variable value at every time in the model to debug expected behavior against executable code.

Immediate Feedback

CertSAFE produces simulated outputs immediately as models or simulation inputs are edited, providing instant visibility of the effect of any change.

System Navigation

CertSAFE allows the user to navigate through the entire model to understand consumer/producer relationships, design detail, and system behavior.

Discrete Time Simulation

CertSAFE provides powerful simulation features that can be used for rapid prototyping, visual validation, real-time debugging, and lab test vector generation.

Unambiguous Communication

CertSAFE helps eliminate requirement ambiguities & provides visual validation early in the product life cycle between Systems and Software Engineering teams.

Open File Formats

CertSAFE uses open file formats to provide flexibility for scripting to automatically generate outputs and artifacts that align with a customized workflow.

Early detection of errors in every level of the requirements, code, & integration is one of the biggest cost saving objectives in safety-critical engineering.

Use CertSAFE to Bridge the Gap Between Systems & Software Engineering Teams

CertSAFE allows rapid prototyping and requirements validation to ensure the correct system is being built prior to code implementation or debug on the target hardware.
The system and software model simulation test vectors used for prototyping and validation can also be used directly for automated target hardware/software verification.

User-Friendly GUI

The interface is fast and easy to use with open file formats to support automation by the end user and consumption by fully automated lab test environments, such as CertBENCH.

Team Collaboration

CertSAFE is built to support team collaboration unlike any tool currently available. Users are able to work concurrently in a system & share human readable CertSAFE code via email.

Instant Productivity

CertSAFE also allows users to quickly develop unambiguous, standards-compliant high-level requirements and system models, either top-down or reverse-engineered.

Get Started with CertSAFE Today!

The sooner CertSAFE is introduced in the product life-cycle, the more you save...

Savings When Introduced During System Requirements Phase
Savings When Introduced During Software Requirements, Design, and Validation Phase
Savings When Introduced During Verification Phase
  • CertSAFE prevents errors, ambiguities, and misinterpretations from being introduced into the requirements and design when CertSAFE is introduced during the System and Software Requirements definition and validation phases at the beginning of a project. Any errors are identified and corrected in real-time between engineering teams with visual static analysis features and dynamic simulation in CertSAFE. The simulation test vectors are also directly reusable for Validation & Verification objectives, including fully automated test execution in the lab using target hardware/software when coupled with CertBENCH or other COTS test environments for white box and black box verification.
  • CertSAFE has been specifically developed for discrete time embedded software systems utilizing open file formats (XML, CSV) to support customization for any given customer workflow and to streamline all of the downstream processes.
  • CertSAFE is the fastest and easiest embedded software modeling and debugging tool in existence today with instantaneous evaluation and visibility into the entire system at any point in time for any given input change using patented IntelliPoint technology.
  • CertSAFE automatically produces and displays expected results with visibility into every connection within the software system at any point in time that is exportable to CSV format with all I/O and timing for independent review or tool qualification.
  • CertSAFE provides rapid change impact analysis and regression testing at any time during the project life-cycle, including the end of the project when turnaround time is most critical.



More than a Decade of Application on Approved Safety-Critical Systems

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